Derma Roller with Disinfectant | 540 Micro 0.5mm Titanium Alloy Needles | Reduces Hair Fall & Stimulates Hair Follicles | Easy to use | Safe and Effective

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  • Activator is a hand held device with 540 titanium alloy micro needles that is used to improve the absorption of topical applicators for improved nourishment.
  • Regular use helps keep hair healthy and improves absorption of topical applicators for improved efficacy.
  • BETTER RESULTS: Using the Derma Roller with topicals and oils can help them to be absorbed properly. Always sterilize the activator before and after the use with Man Matters disinfectant solution.
  • EASY TO USE: Just roll vertically, horizontally, and diagonally on the coverage areas about 10 times before applying your favourite topical serum and oil to help them absorb properly in your scalp.
  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE: The titanium roller has been specially designed for home use by selecting the suitable needle length, the best materials and tested ergonomics.
  • IDENTIFY YOUR HAIR FALL STAGE : STAGE 1 (Less than 6 months) - Experiencing excessive hairfall. STAGE 1 (More than 6 months) - There's no or little hairline recession. STAGE 2 - Receding hairline & temples expanding.

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